Fitocracy Spark Challenge

It has been a while since I blogged about my fitness journey so I thought I’d write a quick update about something that gave me a total “pump” today! A few months back I decided to take part in Fitocracy’s Arnold Schwarzenegger Spark Challenge. Well, 3 months in and I have earned the 3 monthly badges! I faithfully do one of the workout routines come hell or high water – even with my recent knee injury I still managed to keep up my numbers. I have to do at least 15 workouts a month (usually I wind up doing a couple more than that).

So today I did a little “YEA ME!” on Twitter and I got a shout out back


How cool is that? It really pumped me up! Now I’m gonna earn all the badges!

Family Portrait…

me with The Walking Dead cast

Took a short trip to New Jersey to help out a friend at the Monster Mania convention. Worked with some of the cast from The Walking Dead. As usual, Mike brought out the best in me.

Get Rookered…

Merle Dixon of The Walking Dead

I recently did some Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon shirt designs for the Zombie Survival Crew. Well, now it is time for some designs featuring his big brother on The Walking Dead, Merle Dixon! (Played by Zombie Survival Crew Special Forces Commander, Michael Rooker.) You can visit the Zombie Survival Crew online store to get the merch pictured below along with lots of other zombielicious stuff!

Rookered shirtTeam Dixon dogtag setRookered
Ace of SpadesTeam DixonMerle Dixon

new shirt designs…

Norman Reedus

I recently did some shirt designs for the Zombie Survival Crew. December marks their 2nd birthday, so they wanted to blow it out big with some items featuring their Blue Brigade Commander, Norman Reedus (who plays the crossbow slinging Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead). I was happy to participate in this project as a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this merchandise go to 2 charities I also contribute to – Oxfam International and Doctors Without Borders. You can visit the Zombie Survival Crew online store to get the merch pictured below along with lots of other zombielicious stuff!

I am currently working on a few other design projects for the ZSC, so I hope to have some other stuff to show here in the near future!

Norman ReedusTeam Dixon dogtag setHello Dinner
Team DixonTeam Dixon
Update February 6, 2013: I’ve also done some Michael Rooker/Merle Dixon designs. You can check those out here.

My favorite day of the year…

2012 Patriots Yearbook cover

You know what my most favorite day of the year is? Not Christmas or New Year’s or Thanksgiving or my birthday, but the day I sign off on the final proofs for the Patriots Yearbook. When I send my biggest project of the season off to the printer it always feels as if a 100lb weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

This year we did an election theme, and for the cover decided to dress Tom Brady up as the President with the Offensive Line acting as his Secret Service agents. The players were all really good sports about it, but due to time constraints the amazing David Silverman photographed all of them individually. (You can even check out an “individual teaser image” tweeted by the Patriots Twitter account from Tom’s photo shoot.) After all the shoots were complete, Dwight assembled the cover in Photoshop while Maura and I worked away at all the interior pages.

The final product arrived this morning, just in time for Training Camp. If you are heading to Camp you can buy your copy at the Patriots Football Weekly tent. If you can’t make it to camp you can order your copy from the Patriots ProShop.

A small sampling of the inside…

NotebookCheerleadersPlayer page